• How to match objects in a merging / synchronization project

    Hi there,

    currently I'm in a new project where in the target domains already the source accounts have been created.
    Some former aborted QMMAD migrations have been started, for some domains simply new secondary accounts have been created for the users…

  • Questions: Trust and Domain Local group with respect to access token

    Hello IT Engineers,

    Scenario 1: A trust relationship is a link that is established between domains to enable users in one domain to be authenticated by a domain controller in the other domain. Trust relationships are authentication pipelines that must…

  • Migrating domain local groups

    Hi IT Engineers,

    How to migrate source domain local groups that have members from external domain? External domain don't belong to domains pair of migration. So does MMAD can also migrate source domain local group to domain local group in target domain…

  • trust, sidhistory and workstation related questions


    As per discussions in earlier post, workstation criteria matters in authentication as long as there is trust from source domain to target domain and target user want to login on source domain joined workstation. However, with same trust direction…

  • Migration from multiple domains

    bonjour lors de la migration de plusieurs domaines (source1, source2, Source3 ...) vers un seul domaine (cible1). 
    si j'ai un utilisateur avec un compte dans chaque domaine source (ex Paul @ source1, Paul @ Source2, Paul @ Source3).
    puis je le migre…
  • Access home drives and shares using migrated target domain account from source workstation & Resource process via Replace

    Hello IT Engineers,

    Q1: Does it make any difference if migrate target domain account (with sidhistory) try to access home drives and shares from source domain joined workstation? Does it have anything to do with domain membership of server where home drives…

  • SIDhistory connecting to apps in source domain

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum so here is my question; I'm considering to purchase Migration Manager for AD, my question is if SID History also works when accessing apps after user is migrated? Smae question for accessing their mbx on Exchange 2016. I…

  • Sidhistory removal from migrated Target domain local groups

    Hi Engineers,

    Hope you guys are doing great!


    Domain Local groups with members were migrated from source domain to target domain using Sidhistory. After changing domain membership of resource server from source domain to target domain, those…

  • Sidhistory behavior in Intra-forest AD Migration

    Hello IT Folks,

    As we know, Sid/Sidhistory of Domain Local groups don't cross trust boundary outside of the forest. But within the forest (Intra-forest) if Domain Local Groups were migrated from Domain A to Domain B along with Sidhistory. Then does Sid…

  • Order of Pre-migration, migration and post-migration activities

    Hello Guys,

    I have general query regarding Order of Pre-migration, migration and post-migration activities in Inter-Forest Active Directory Migration. So basically,

    Q1: What is correct order of Users, groups (out of Domain Local, Global and Universal)…

  • Changing Scope of Domain Local Group during Migration

    Hello Tech Guys,

    Here is the scenario:

    Source Domain Local Group is entered in the ACL of the resource and resource is on Source Domain server. Source Domain Local Group has been migrated to Target Domain with sidhistory and during migration group scope…

  • Question related to Sidhistory

    Hello Guys,

    I'm very excited about my first post on the forum.

    After reading below support article link, I have confusion related to sidhistory. I hope you guys will explain this.


  • Questions regarding Sid, Sidhistory, trust and resource sharing

    Dear Support,

    Hope you guys are doing good.

    Please excuse me for little understanding. I have few questions that needs to be answered and explained.

    Q1: In case of forest trust and external trust, Sid and Sihistory of which groups (Domain Local, Global…

  • Access token related query

    Hello Support Representatives,

    I have general query regarding Access Token. I hope you guys will answer and explain it.

    So during migration, servers(containing resources) have been migrated from source domain to target domain. Source Domain Local groups…

  • Domain Migration: “Access Denied“ after Changing Group Type and resource access


    Q1: As per https://activedirectoryfaq.com/2016/09/domain-migration-access-denied-group-type-change/ it says to keep authorization group "domain local" in source environment.  Then the types would be identic on both domains. So…

  • Behavior of Sid and Sidhistory


    I;ve general question regarding Sid and Sidhistory. Excuse me for little knowledge.

    Under what scenarios/situations, Sid or Sidhistory will be filtered out from the access token while accessing resources across the trust in another domain or forest…

  • Resource Processing Query


    Only users and groups migrated with sidhistory from source domain to target domain in Inter-Forest migration. However, resources are still in source domain. So after migration, do I still need to Re-ACL of all source domain resources meaning append…

  • How access is granted by source domain local group in target domain resource permission ACL (via migrated group membership or via sidhistory or both) and how exactly access check is performed?


    I've source domain local group applied on resource ACL. Resource have been migrated to target domain server along with ACL permissions as-is. Source domain local group have also been migrated to target domain using sidhistory and scope has been…

  • Active Directory Processing


    Greetings of the day! Hope you guys are doing well.


    As per resource processing guide in Active Directory Processing, it says Add target users to source groups. This is the most common operation for ADPW. 

     Q1. I need to know what are the circumstances…

  • Questions related to ADPW, resource process and sidhistory


    Q1) I'm unable to understand how ADPW works by using Quest documentation. So I need to understand ADPW and its operations in simplified explanation. How does it process group membership? Does it process source group membership only OR source &…

  • Resource Access - Sid vs Sid History vs group membership vs all


    This sounds very basic question. Excuse me for my little knowledge.

    However, I still need to fully understand how access is granted on resource (source domain / target domain) to any user (migrated with or without Sid History / newly created in…

  • Granular SIDHistory CleanUp

    Hello community,

    I am helping a client consolidate their AD infrastructure (many to 3 AD). I being researching a way to do a granular cleanup of the sidhistory on the traget domain.

    Since I am migrating multiple source domains onto 3 target domains,…

  • Migrate AD Accounts command line

    Can anyone tell me or direct me to documentation of how to migrate our AD accounts with a command line script (and settings file) versus using the console and manually pointing to a csv file that has all the data.... we are trying to automate our provisioning…

  • RPC error copying Sid

    I'm getting an RPC error in the DSA log during the sidhistory copy process. I have 2 source domains with identical pre-requisites configured but one of them will not copy sidhistory. I've only seen sid copying errors when sidhistory and sid filtering…