Cannot find file specified

Perhaps my error is related to choosing a custom installation path for QMM (I chose E:\ instead of C:\) but when I review something like the synchronization stats from with the console , let's say there's one user that's failed, if I click double click on the failed user being reported, I get the error: cannot find file specified, see QMM.log for details (or something to this effect).  Even if I do a migration session and there's a failure, same situation occurs.  But I can manually go to E:\ and get the DSA log, but the GUI is not happy it seems?

  • The error message "cannot find file specified" indicates that the GUI is unable to locate the DSA logs in the custom installation path you've chosen (E:). This could be due to a misconfiguration or a permission issue.

    Ensure the DSA logs are actually being generated in the E:\ directory. You can check this by examining the QMM.log or by manually navigating to the E:\ directory and looking for DSA log files. Make sure the user running the QMM GUI has read access koowspin to the DSA logs in the E:\ directory. You can check or modify file permissions using Windows Explorer or the Command Prompt.

  • I ran into a similar (but not identical) problem at a client's.  The issue in my case was that they restrict internet access / use of browsers on their servers and so QMM was not able to fire up a browser to display migration session results (errors) on the host I was using for my QMM console.

    My workaround for this was to:

    1) Make sure that html files are associated with a browser app
    2) Locate the "report" files generated when you click "View Log" and manually launch a browser to view them.  The reports are generated in the AMMWizard subfolder of the QMM tool's file structure.  There is an html file (which is the report) and an XML file.  

    I hope this is somewhat helpful.

  • I can manually open those html files and edge is associated with them but still my huntch is the GUI does not understand that these files are in E:\  instead of C:\  . It keeps saying 'system cannot find file specified.

    The dsa log files all get generated without issue in E:\ but the gui complains it can't find the file.