Minimum interval processing for certain collections


My organization makes heavy use of shared mailboxes. Users that have been migrated to the target Exchange currently see a 3h delay with emails in their shared mailboxes.

To make it easier on the users I wondered if I can have a collection with a minimum interval processing much lower, say 15 or 30 minutes. Just for a hand full of shared mailboxes.

Is that possible?

I found and old and closed topic with a similar question:

Please let me know, this would make things much easier for my users during the migration.

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  • Migration Manager for Exchange is a migration tool with some coexistence functionality. Shared mailbox is not something that the tool was designed to directly handle for coexistence. So normally shared mailboxes are a data point for grouping  mailboxes in batches. You would migrate the share mailbox and it's primary users together. Secondary users can be migrate in other batches. 

    Note: These settings a Project wide, so all mailbox collections will be impacted by changes to these settings

    MAgE minimum processing intervals can be adjusted using the Set-MMExProjectOptions cmdlet by changing the following parameters:

    MinMailProcessingInterval ...a mailbox can be processed again when mailbox is not ‘Ready to Switch’. Default value: 15 minutes

    Minimum value: 1 minute

    Maximum value: 1440 minutes (24 hours)

    MinMailProcessingIntervalInSync ...a mailbox can be processed again when mailbox is ‘Ready to Switch’. Default value: 180 minutes (3 hours)

    Minimum value: 1 minute

    Maximum value: 10080 minutes (7 days)