++ List files during backup / see timestamp in log ++


since a file to tape job for 4.8TB is taking about 12-13 hours I need to find out when and why the transfer rate is going down to around 868.11 KiB/sec or lower.
How can I see what file(s) is/are currently transferred to the tape in a live and/or a log file view? 

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  • Hi

    There is no way to see which file is being currently transferred, but have you increased the buffer size for each drive? it's ok when transfer rate goes down if it's for a short time (due to lot's of small files) but should not always go like that.

    Let me know if you have increased the buffer size, that should help. Also increasing Shared Memory (Kb) Used for Process Table in client process manager helps but after increasing this last one you need to restart netvault services on the client.

  • Hi ,

    oh that is bad. Any logfile where I can see what file was transferred/saved with timestamp?

    Currently backup is running (very slow) with:

    Block Size: 64.00KiB
    Buffer Size: 512 MiB

    A bit better it was with the following configuration:

    Block Size: 256 KiB
    Buffer Size: 512 MiB

    Block Size: 512KiB
    Buffer Size: 512 MiB


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