• StarWind VTL Integration with Netvault

    Beginning with release 12.3, NetVault supports StarWind Virtual Tape Library (StarWind VTL), which converts
    physical drives into virtual tapes to emulate tape hardware. It supports standard uplink protocols, including SMB3,
    NFSv4.1, iSCSI, and works with…

  • QoreStor wins 2020 ABA / Stevie's People's Choice Award

    QoreStor 6.0 recently won the 2020 ABA / Stevie’s People’s Choice Award as the Favorite New Product in the ‘Cloud Storage / Backup’ category. There is only one People’s Choice…

  • Do you know Quest Netvault is a Certified SAP HANA Backup & Recovery Solution

    SAP HANA support: Certification as an SAP HANA backup and recovery solution. Utilizes Backint for SAP HANA API to ensure secure and consistent backups of SAP HANA databases.

    With NetVault, you can select what SAP data to restore and where to restore it…

  • Database rman backup completed successfully but in restore job archive logs are missing

    Database rman backup completed successfully but in restore job archives ID are missing.

    We have checked in completed backup jobs logs, in logs its showing required archives ID are backed up but in restore they are not showing.

  • Quest QoreStor Software-Defined Secondary Storage Solution is Available

    Quest® QoreStor is Quest’s new software-defined secondary storage platform for IT organizations looking to accelerate backup performance, significantly reduce storage costs and leverage the cloud for disaster recovery and business continuity. As…

  • FREE NetVault Training!

    To all NetVault Backup Users, Quest now offers FREE Web-Based NetVault Training for all customers. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get professional training on NetVault Backup at no cost other than your time.


    Administration Module 1 Introduction…

  • Has anyone ever used a system state restore to bring back a server that has crashed? My server crashed, but I do not have a bare metal. I want to reload windows and restore files and system state on same hardware.

    What is the point of a system state backup if I can't use it to bring back a server on the same hardware?

  • Tape recovery

    How can I restore the data without changing permission of folder. The folder/file should be restored with the same permission that was at the time backup. Please suggest for any solution.

  • Tape Label

    Suppose I have 20 TB data on server and one tape can contain only 15 TB of data so I will need two tape to take backup of data. so how can I label those two tape that data sent to only those two tape.so first tape will have 15 TB another one have 5 TB…

  • Error log in to domain para un restore de exchange 2010

    Al ejecutar un restore de una bbdd de exchange me arroja error de conexión al dominio, las credenciales que utiliza el backup contiene todos los privilegios. El server de respaldo netvault es un Windows server 2008 R2 y versión 11.3 de netvault.

  • Verification incredibly slow but backup is fast



    I run a backup job that is about ~7TB, the backup job runs fast and even reaches over a gbps at times but when I run the verification it is painfully slow and stays at 16mbps :\ terrible. I have tried restarting the server/device. I have tried changing…