Coex: Users in outlook add room as participant - invitation does not arrive in resource database in Domino

We have a Lotus Notes and Exchange Online coexistance and are migrating users step by step to EXO. The resources (rooms) are still on Domino and have been provisioned as contacts.

The Outlook users have to add a room as participant to a meeting, free/busy is working. On the Domino side the resources are owned and the owners have to respond to accept the invitation.

But the owners are not notified about the invitations and the invitations do not show up in the resource calendar.

What types of resource ownership / response on Domino are supported in coexistance? Only automatic processing? Or other variations as well? If so, are we missing a config detail?

We are on the most current version of Quest software.

Thank you!

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  • Hello  ,

    Typically, this type of issue is caused by the Resource Mapping file that is configured in the Coexistence Management Console | Mail Connector. The SMTP address defined in the resource mapping should match the "targetaddress" or "ExternalEmailAddress" of the Exchange/Office 365 contact that represents the Domino room or resource. Even when the resource mapping file is setup correctly, in the Domino Console, you will still see the first email come in to book the Domino room and fail, then the CMN Mail Connector will then automatically generate a second follow-up email that should book the room successfully. 

    If you continue to experience issues booking Domino rooms and resources with CMN, then you may want to create a Service Request, as each environment is unique and may require a unique configuration. You can create a Service Request using this link.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

  • It was indeed the resource mapping file. After we had fixed it everything worked fine.