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my customer does not allow the use of Global Admin on their O365 tenant.

In addition to the Full Access Rights permission on each mailbox, what is the minimum permission required in O365 to only insert the converted Lotus Notes data (using MNE) into the Outlook mailbox?

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  • Hello Rodney,


    Thanks for the update. Ah yes, there is a feature in the MNE migration process that runs the PowerShell command "test-mapiconnectivity" to verify that the target mailbox is ready and available prior to starting the migration. It is this test command that is requiring additional permissions. The product team will be releasing a new hotfix rollup version of Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) in the near future that includes a parameter to turn this test off. In the meantime, if you would like this option now, then you can create a Service Request here to request a special version of MNE that allows you to turn the "test-mapiconnectivity" test off.


    Otherwise, the "test-mapiconnectivity" test is a great way to validate that the target mailbox is ready for migration. For this test to complete successfully, the MNE Office 365 migration admin account will need at least "Recipient Management" or "Exchange Recipient Administrator" rights.




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