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On Demand Recovery for Azure AD Difference reports available on April 27th

The new feature called Differences will be available in On Demand Recovery for Azure AD starting on April 27th.  This new feature will show you changes to a user or group by comparing the backup to live Azure AD\O365.  It can be found under the Differences tab between Objects and Events in the Backup and Recovery Dashboard.

Please test it out and send me your feedback in this discussion.  

  • The difference report is very good, but I am wondering about the intent of selecting multiple backups for unpacking and difference reporting. If a user selects two backups, should we compare those two to each other or with the live environment? I was thinking the former is more useful. Also, is there value of selecting more than two backups for comparison reporting? I guess maybe if you really don't know when an object was changed, but selecting more than two seems to have more issues than advantages unless I am missing a use case.
  • I think Jeff is correct. The point of comparing multiple backups is to find which one of the backups has the correct state of the object/value you are trying to restore. Very often, you don't find out a change that was made causes some issue until many, many subsequent backups have been taken. It might even be useful if the multi-selected backups you want to compare also shows concurrently what's in the live environment so that the admin simply has all the data right there in 1 view that he/she cares about to ensure the right restore is taking place.
  • It looks like a feature request to show object change history with all backups for specified period of time.
  • If right now you unpack 10 backups and check Diff view then sort on Backup Time and then filter by a single object - you will see a kind of Object change history. It may be not so convenient to see multiple times the same value here and this can take long time to unpack 100 backups to see 4 days history. But it can help.