Expected Performance On Demand

Hi guys,

Can you give me an expected performance baseline for mailbox migrations? We're gonna try punch a fair few over a weekend but need to try and see if its possible. I realise that the number of items, size of items etc makes a huge difference as with all migraitons, so won't hold anyone to the numbers.

I heard 2Gb per hour per thread was reasonable. Seems a little conservative. I presume as this uses EWS we're looking at a single thread per mailbox right?

We have already increased EWS throttling to unlimtied for 90 days so we're good on that side.

Current migration of a single mailbox, which I presume is a single thread, has done 26Gb in 2.5hrs. So roughly 10Gb an hour per thread... not sure its reasonable to expect this will be sustained with many threads.

Does anyone know the max threads?