Creating SharePoint sites before migration?

Apology if these questions have been asked and answered before. As I am new to Quest and don't know where to find this information. 

When migrating simple team sites or group-connected sharepoint sites, do we have to pre-create the sites in the target tenant? Do we have to match the source and target sites before migration? Can it not create the target sites automatically based on the source site's name, type, and template etc? 

Additionally, what if I want to migrate a site from source url to a different url in the target location? How do I define new url?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello  ,

    Welcome to Quest and the On Demand forum. I will need a little bit of clarification on your questions to provide the best answers:

    1.) "simple team sites" - are these SharePoint sites that are connected to Microsoft Teams, or just SharePoint only sites that are using a Team template? Microsoft Teams linked SharePoint sites should be migrated in the ODM Teams module (as part of the Teams migration). If it is a standalone SharePoint only site, then it should be migrated within the ODM SharePoint module.

    2.) M365 Group connected sites should be migrated within the On Demand Migration (ODM) Teams module, where you will find a tab called M365 groups. M365 groups are almost a Microsoft Team (mailbox, SharePoint), but without the actual Microsoft Team. On the ODM Teams | M365 Groups (tab), you would run Discover, then Provision to create the M365 groups in the target. If you wish to map or rename groups as part of the migration, then we would suggest performing this action within ODM (not in the source environment). You can find the steps to map and rename here.

    3.) When migrating SharePoint sites, ODM SharePoint will automatically provision the site in the target if it does not yet exist. If you want to re-map or change the URL of a site, you can do that within ODM directly as well. Here are the steps.

    Here is a link to the main Support site for On Demand Migration. You can find Technical Documents with various guides on the left hand navigation pane.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
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  • Thanks  , you have pretty much answered all of my questions that I asked or had in mind. By "simple team sites" I meant standalone, non-group connected sites like Communication sites or non-group-connected Team sites. When I look at the list of sites in the ODM SharePoint that it discovered, it shows the Template as "Team site" and Site Type either as "Teams" or "M365 Groups". How do I identify from this list which sites are standalone/non-group-connected sites? Unfortunately, I don't have access to the source tenant's SharePoint admin center to look at that information. Thank you.

    Screenshot below:

  • I guess I figured that out. The Site Type for those would be "SharePoint", right? Slight smile

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