On Demand Migration - Customer Success Ideas Portal - New Feature Spotlight

Quest is excited to announce a new feature in On Demand Migration (ODM) that allows users to submit product enhancement ideas through a Customer Success Ideas Portal.

Accessing the Ideas Portal

ODM users will see a new “Submit Idea” link on select screens in ODM in the upper right below their username.  This link is visible on the page that lists your current migration projects and also on the main dashboard within a specific migration project.

Clicking “Submit Idea” will open the Customer Success Ideas Portal in a new browser tab.  You can bookmark this new page to access the ideas portal directly.

Note: You will be required to sign into the portal using a Microsoft account or a Quest account.

Submitting a new idea

To submit a new Idea for enhancing ODM, click the “Add a New Idea” button at the top of the Ideas Portal and then fill out the details for your idea, including a brief one sentence summary.  Use the “Attach files” option to upload screenshots or logs that help explain the idea. Select the appropriate category to ensure it is routed to the correct Product Manager for review.

Note: The system will alert you if there are existing ideas with similar keywords but will allow you to proceed.  If your idea has already been submitted by someone else, please vote or comment on the existing idea and do not submit a duplicate.

Voting and commenting on existing ideas

On the main dashboard of the Ideas Portal, you can view all ideas for each category using the navigation on the left.  You can also use the search bar at the top to search for existing ideas by keyword. 

The search results display the idea summaries, the first few sentences of the idea details, the vote counts, the number of comments, the color-coded status of the ideas, and the name of the person who submitted the ideas.  You can sort and filter the search results and click on an individual idea to view more details.

In the example below, a search for “DUA” returned six ideas, which are all assigned to the “Desktop Update Agent” category.

When viewing the details of a specific idea, you can see who else has voted on the idea and can vote on the idea yourself. You can also add comments to provide more details supporting the idea, including describing current workarounds you are using and explaining additional scenarios where implementing this idea would help.

Note: Product Managers will also add comments to ideas if more information is requested or to explain if there is a technical reason why an idea cannot be implemented.

Further Information

We welcome your feedback and suggestions below and invite you to visit us at Quest.com if you are interested in learning more about our solutions.