• tenant to tenant migration with AD consolidation.

    Hi all,

    I have a project to consolidate two tenants & AD due to a merger.  I am new to Quest as well as migration scenarios - hence would like to seek your thoughts on the proper approach.

    Company-A has acquired Company-B.  Both companies have their…

  • On-Demain Migration - Is Migrating Windows 10 Workgroup to Entra ID a supported Scenario?

    Subject says it all,

    We have a client that has all their workstations currently setup as a workgroup. Is it possible to use ODM to perform the automation to translate the local user, flip the Office registration and join it to Entra? 

    Assuming I can…

  • Error,"Read: Error connecting to endpoint: The LDAP server is unavailable.

    Hi All and thank you in advance.

    I am experiencing the following error. 

    Job Id,Task,Test Mode,Source Environment,Target Environment,Profile,Script,Severity,Message,Call Stack,Timestamp
    1195361035,Read,Disabled,"Gabriel Teste - TRG1",,,,Info,"Read: Using…

  • On Demand Migration - Customer Success Ideas Portal - New Feature Spotlight

    Quest is excited to announce a new feature in On Demand Migration (ODM) that allows users to submit product enhancement ideas through a Customer Success Ideas Portal.

    Accessing the Ideas Portal

    ODM users will see a new “Submit Idea” link on select screens…

  • Quest On Demand - Modern Password Sync - New Feature Spotlight

    Quest is excited to release an improved method for syncing passwords from one domain to another in On Demand Migration for Active Directory.

    The new Modern Password Sync adds compatibility with Domain Controllers that have Advanced LSA Protection and…

  • On Demand Migration - Domain Rewrite without DS Agent - New Feature Spotlight

    Quest is excited to release a new feature within On Demand Migration Domain Rewrite that adds cloud-only deployment functionality for hybrid environments.

    This feature introduces new orchestration that utilizes a cloud-only process to enable and disable…