On-Demain Migration - Is Migrating Windows 10 Workgroup to Entra ID a supported Scenario?

Subject says it all,

We have a client that has all their workstations currently setup as a workgroup. Is it possible to use ODM to perform the automation to translate the local user, flip the Office registration and join it to Entra? 

Assuming I can figure out the local user accounts and build a manual translation table is this possible/?

  • Hi Matt, ODM does not currently support migrations from a Workgroup.

    As you mentioned, one challenge is that you would need to get the correct attributes of the local accounts to build valid mapping files that could be used by the ReACL process.  Another challenge is that there is not currently a method for ODM to display Workgroup devices in the "Ready Devices" portion of the ODM UI to allow submitting the ReACL and Cutover actions that perform the profile switch and Entra Join.

    However, we do plan on adding Workgroup to Entra device migration as a supported scenario in the future.