Does On Demand support the use of PIM for the account used to consent

I am doing a tenant to tenant migration using On Demand for Mail, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive however both the source and target tenant have enforced PIM for all Admin accounts in Azure AD.  Is the use of PIM supported by On Demand and if not are there any workarounds other than getting an exception for the migration account?  I cannot find any documentation in the support docs, KB's, or forum, can someone please reply?

  • Quest On Demand uses “service principles” to access the tenants. It does not use an account. The account used to grant the content must have the GA role when granting the consent, and hole the teams admin role if the GA role is removed. So the operator who uses the account t to grant the consent could leverage PIM to entitle the account as GA during the consent process. The teams admin role would need to be statically assigned.