• On Demand Migration - Comparison Reporting - New Feature Spotlight

    Quest is excited to announce the release of a new feature, which is part of the ongoing initiative to improve the reporting capabilities of the On Demand Migration Platform.

    With the release of this feature, Quest is actively supporting its customers…

  • Does On Demand support the use of PIM for the account used to consent

    I am doing a tenant to tenant migration using On Demand for Mail, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive however both the source and target tenant have enforced PIM for all Admin accounts in Azure AD.  Is the use of PIM supported by On Demand and if not are there…

  • Error while provisioning Microsoft 365 group

    We are trying to provision Microsoft 365 groups, but the tool is returning the following error to us:

    Request failed with Forbidden status code (Forbidden). {"error":{"code":"AppOnlyAccessNotEnabledForTarget","message":"App Only access is not allowed…

  • Does ODM allow a recurring job scheduling?

    Looking to do incremental migrations for mailboxes and OneDrives every Friday for a few weeks. Or is there a powershell module for ODM that would allow this?

  • ODME Mail Migration

    Hi. Mail migration finished but see the following warning "The description could not be retrieved from the Sync Issues/Server Failures folder" Anyone seen this before?

  • How can I track down which account this error is referring to, "AADSTS50034: The user account {EmailHidden} does not exist in the <> directory"?

    This appears to be preventing the completion of the Calendar Sharing Task but the logs have virtually no information on which account it might be or whether the Tasks is actually completing and simply failing on one account.

  • OnDemand Pricing

    Hi Quest,

    We currently have a hybrid Azure Active Directory using Azure AD Connect.

    I have a question regarding a recent Offer we received from Quest for OnDemand Recovery.

    As I understand the licensing policy, it is based on the number of Users. Is the…

  • How to restore access to my Enterprise applications (such as Salesforce or Box) if user account was hard deleted in Hybrid scenario?

    Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) has great feature to provide single sign on (SSO) access to Enterprise applications for either cloud or on premises users. There are a lot of applications available for integration such as Salesforce, Box, Google App…