• Does ODM allow a recurring job scheduling?

    Looking to do incremental migrations for mailboxes and OneDrives every Friday for a few weeks. Or is there a powershell module for ODM that would allow this?

  • When I clicked "Reply All" introduced my email into the "TO"

    Hi Team,

    When doing a replay all from target account having received the mail the user of @sourcetenant.com; in this response appears as user in the for Sourceteant user when it is wrong.

    Could you help me?

    Thanks in advance


  • Tool to migrate Public folder from Multi Forest AD to office 365 with different root folder

    We have Public folder in Forest A, Forest B and  Forest C Exchange 2016 on-prem which need to be migrated to Office 365 exchange online.  Which tool we can use to migrate to office 365 and is it possible to migrate all the forest public folder to EXO one…

  • How can I track down which account this error is referring to, "AADSTS50034: The user account {EmailHidden} does not exist in the <> directory"?

    This appears to be preventing the completion of the Calendar Sharing Task but the logs have virtually no information on which account it might be or whether the Tasks is actually completing and simply failing on one account.

  • Office 365 Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid with ADFS Migration.

    Hi All,

    We are planning to migrate from Office 365 Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid Tenant with ADFS implemented and like know whether Quest® On Demand Migration will able to help us below tasks:

    1. Setting up coexistence between Source and Target tenants…

  • How to Check Exchange Online User Policies in Native PowerShell

    Get-MailboxPolicies.ps1 - Get's important policy and configuration settings for mailboxes in Exchange Online

    Generates a listing of mailboxes in an Exchange Online Tenant which includes:
    - Name
    - Alias
    - IsMailboxEnab…