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Appointment time is being offset by UTC (115085)

Hello folks,


after several migrations from groupwise 2014 r2 to exchange 2016 we have the same behaviour described in the following KB article:



  • Title

    Appointment time are being offset based on UTC.
  • Description

    After migrated, the time on all-day appointments are being offset based on UTC vs Target TimeZone
  • Cause

    This has been seen in the past where mail was generated from an older email client.

    What happens is the Source is returning a TimeZone value that was not recognized so UTC gets slotted in. This causes the appointment time on the Target to be offset by the difference between UTC and whatever TimeZone the Target is in.

    This causes the "All day event" checkbox to go unchecked since there is no actual "All day event" value for Exchange - The box is just applied when the time is midnight to midnight.



  • Resolution

    This is expected to be fixed in the upcoming ODME 1.5.1


So this problem should be solved in ODME 1.5.1...


Ok cool :-) - but the problem is not solved! :-/

Does anybody know the solution for the behaviour?

The problem is that many appointments (all day events) are migrated from groupwise to exchange 2016 are shown in the wrong TimeZone (UTC) instead of a all-day-event (UTC+1)

This only happens to migrated (all day events) appointments...


Thanks in advance!

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