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    • 9 May 2017

    Agile Development: Setting up Team Coding with VCS integration

    Are you using a version control system (VCS) and want to know how to access it from Toad to simplify check-out/check-in? This video shows how to install and configure Team Coding to work with a VCS provider as well as how to define and manage your pr...
    • 4 May 2017

    Toad Allows You to Do More and Not Just Try

    Yoda’s Jedi IT cousin Toada agrees “Do or do not, there is no try!”. It today’s climate of downsizing, staff reductions and the explosion of data sources and data volumes you must be able to do and do more and just trying without the right tools will lead to failure. “Seek help, you must! With less do more. Yes, hmmm” says Toada Automate, Optimize, Document and Diagnose. “Problems...
    • 1 May 2017

    Benchmark Factory – Performance Testing is Critical !!

    One time when I was a little boy, I was driving with my dad and we went over a bridge and there was a sign that read “Weight Limit 10 Tons”. I asked my dad how they figure out how much load the bridge can handle. My dad, being a dad, answered, “Well they build the bridge and then keep driving bigger and bigger trucks over it until it collapses. They then weigh the truck and rebuild the bridge and...
    • 1 May 2017

    Use Compare and Repair to Keep SharePlex Replication From the Dark Side

    "There has been great disturbance in the Force". In the SharePlex galaxy, we call that "out of sync". In a recent blog, SharePlex Jedi Mark Kurtz introduced us to the SharePlex Compare and Repair commands . Here are some additional best practices that that you can use to help bring balance back to the Force in your galaxy. Make Frequent Use of Compare While Post does a great job of detecting...
    • 1 May 2017

    Considerations when projecting database growth using Foglight

    Every now and then I run into a conversation with my clients around planning capacity for anticipated database growth. Although there are straight forward methods for calculating data/log file and object growth rates from catalogued views in the database which lead to linear predictions, there are several considerations that must be taken to make this exercise more appropriate in the real-world. Figure 1 – Instance...
    • 19 Apr 2017

    Oracle Yacht Fund Capsizing Your IT Budget?

    We’re throwing you a lifesaver – catch onto the more affordable OEM alternative. Help! I can’t afford Diagnostics and Tuning packs for performance monitoring with Oracle® Enterprise Manager. Really? You mean you’re not c...
    • 18 Apr 2017

    It only takes a minute to vote!! - DBTA Readers' Choice Awards - Vote for your favorite Quest Products!

    Hello all Information Management product users! Voting is now open for the 2017 DBTA Readers' Choice Awards. The DBTA Readers' Choice Awards Winners will be showcased in a special section on the DBTA website and in the August 2017 edition of Database Trends and Applications magazine. A number of Information Management solutions are contenders in a variety of categories. Unlike other awards programs that...
    • 17 Apr 2017

    Monitoring AWS EC2 Windows Instance with Foglight InfraStructure Cartridge (Host Monitoring)

    The other day I was speaking to a customer about their growth strategy and planning on database management and infrastructure. One of the topic that I really liked is how companies get very creative and innovative. One of the strong drive for them is to adopt the latest technologies, and to transition with minimal disruption internally. They were planning to move some or all of their infrastructure into Amazon’s...
    • 6 Apr 2017

    Exception handling by SharePlex when dealing with out of sync?

    The conventional methodology followed by SharePlex and most other replication solutions is to ignore out of sync DML within a transaction while applying rest of the successful DML to the target database. A transaction may span one or more objects, each having one or more rows, or DML. When posting that transaction, if any row runs into out of sync conditions, the default behavior is to simply discard that row, record...
    • 6 Apr 2017

    Finding your Heavy-Hitting SQL Statements with Foglight for Databases

    A Brief Walk-Through of SQL Performance Investigator In a previous Foglight for Databases / SQL Server blog post, I provided a guide for navigating your database servers’ performance metrics in real-time . That post showed you how to identify your SQL Servers’ current problem areas and then quickly understand the related statements, effected objects and/or root causes. This post will focus on the part...
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