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    • 21 Jun 2017

    Active Directory management – Restoring deleted objects with IT Security Search

    Active Directory management is usually straightforward, but on the days when it isn’t, you may need to restore a deleted AD user. Did you see my previous post, about removing all access, groups and permissions of former employees from servers, groups and AD? That makes it easy to delete objects, but what happens when you make a mistake? Suppose HR tells you that Jeffrey Lebowski has left the company, and that...
    • 20 Jun 2017

    Windows reporting and deep dives into your environment with IT Security Search

    “Can you run a Windows report on Edgar Mann for security purposes? We need to know about his access, groups and permissions.” Do you ever get requests like that from HR? It’s gratifying to play a role in buttoning down your organization, isn’t it? At least, it’s gratifying if you can run that Windows report without spending your entire day on it. Even though the search is limited to Windows...
    • 19 Jun 2017

    Active Directory management and security breaches – What changed and who changed it?

    If your Active Directory objects aren’t constantly changing, then something is probably wrong with your company. There’s a continuous process of creating, modifying and deleting almost everything in a normal organization, like users, shares, group memberships, policies, resources and computers. Worse than all the changes is the nagging likelihood of an AD audit, when an auditor will walk up to your desk...
    • 16 Jun 2017

    Log management and security breaches – What’s the best way to search through a zillion event logs?

    “That security breach didn’t happen by magic,” your boss growls. “Someone had privileges they shouldn’t have had and they got unauthorized access to a file or folder. Check all the logs and find out what happened.” “Whew,” you say after your boss leaves your office. “At least I don’t have magic to contend with.” Your boss is right, though. Somewhere...
    • 15 Jun 2017

    Use Cases for IT Forensics – Deep Investigation into Your Windows Environment

    “Which files and folders can Dave in Tech Support modify?” “HR just gave us a heads-up on these former employees. Find out which servers they had access to.” “Check to see who changed permissions on any of the folders in Marketing in the last 24 hours.” “Ravi says he’s lost cloud access. See what’s going on.” Do you like responding to IT issues like these...
    • 14 Jun 2017

    Data breach forensics – Get an Intelligent Looking Glass into Your Environment

    What’s worse than a data breach, when you’re in IT? Figuring out where to start your search for root causes. It’s a drag to dig into log files, events, permissions, groups and Active Directory (AD) objects across workstations, Windows servers, SQL servers, Linux servers and cloud servers. Even if you know what you’re looking for, you can burn up a lot of time on the hunt. For example, suppose...
    • 12 Jun 2017

    A new version of Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.7 is now available!

    We are excited to announce a new version of Coexistence Manager for GroupWise , 1.7, is now available for download. Look what's new: New configuration option for Group Email Addresses New options created for the handling of Automatic Replies Improvements for the migration of MIME based messages The full Coexistence Manager for GroupWise Release Notes can be found on the technical documentation site . ...
    • 7 Jun 2017

    A new version of Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8 is now available!

    We are excited to announce a new version of Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8 is now available for download. Look what's new: Support for Exchange 2016 CU3 and Domino 9.0.1 Pack 7 Rebranded from Dell to Quest The full Coexistence Manager for Notes Release Notes can be found on the technical documentation site . For current customers, you can download the new release on the product support page . ...
    • 7 Jun 2017

    Your GDPR Compliance Wake-Up Call – Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

    Did you see my post a couple of weeks ago about our upcoming webcast and the one-year countdown for GDPR compliance ? Did that get you thinking about complying with EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in your Microsoft environment? Or did you just hit the snooze button? Maybe GDPR compliance isn’t on your list of priorities yet. Maybe you think you can procrastinate until, say, a week or two before...
    • 2 Jun 2017

    Building a business case for Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition

    Language If your organization is not a tech company, there is a good likelihood that your Executive Leadership may not understand WHY they need to be concerned about system downtime. If it doesn’t affect them or their customers, why should they spend money? While Active Directory availability is a concern for those of a technical mindset, sometimes this does not make sense in the business world. To help with this...
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