Qorestor 7 slow chunk verification

Hello everyone,

System design.

Esxi 6.7 environment to be backup with almost 200 servers 

A dozen physical servers

A flash array (vmware data stored for servers)

Fabric switches zones- with dedicated HBa cards on each esxi server- esxi servers connected to array and backup software app server.

Backup software running the backup: Bridgehead (dedicated physical server running the backup software)

Esxi 6.7 -dedicated host for quest qorestor/local datastore running the Qorestor 7 <_ISCSI_> connected to Synology appliance with 45TB (Synology volume presented to dedupe as a 2nd Drive on dedupe VM)

We had to shut down Qorestor and Synology. On power up the qorestor went into maintenance mode has has been doing chunk verification for 24hr now.

How do I get out of maintenance mode? I need to backup the environment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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