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The latest version of Secure Copy is

Secure Copy is an automated solution for securely migrating data, shares, printers and more. The tool gives you the flexibility to control how data is migrated and doesn't require the use of agents or scripts. Secure Copy enables you to quickly, safely and easily:

  • Migrate data from one server to another
  • Consolidate file servers
  • Move data to an NAS/SAN device

Unlike native tools, Secure Copy's architecture dramatically shortens the time it takes to complete a migration. The solution also provides intuitive reporting that empowers you to manage data migration projects at any level of complexity.

Look what's new:

  • Added the ability to generate logs when the process of resetting folder attributes starts and ends.
  • Replaced CRC32 checksum algorithm with SHA512.
    • The option Perform SHA512 checksum verification on copied files is now available on Jobs > Performance > Verification.
  • Added options to retry on network errors when the copy process starts.
    • Added the options Retry attempts on network errors and Seconds between retries on network errors on Tools > New Job Options > Performance Settings.
    • Added the following options on Jobs > Performance:
      • Retry on network error
      • Retry Attempts
      • Seconds Between Retries
  • Added the ability to provide statistical information in Summary Report when the logging level is Errors only.
  • Improved Link Updater for Access to support .accdb file format.
  • Added the ability to allow commas in a source path imported from a file.
    • Added the ability to sort job list alphabetically.
  • Added the option Sort job list alphabetically on Tools > Preferences > General Settings.
  • Improved Summary Report to provide more detailed statistical information.

Be sure to check out the Secure Copy Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, documentation, notifications, life cycle tables, training, and a product user forum.

The full Secure Copy Release Notes can be found on the technical documentation site.

For current customers, you can download Secure Copy here.

For customers that are interested in evaluating Secure Copy, you can sign up for a trial here.