#1 ISV for Virtualization...its nice to be validated publicly

Since we have been at this job of building great software since 2006, it is nice to see honest evaluations done that show us leading the pack. Many smaller vendors are out there claiming to be number one in some pretty micro-niche areas, and others are claiming to be number one, and have some grand roadmaps, but false claims and pretty slides wont get your Virtualization efforts off the ground, and some of these smaller players have little more than that to offer. Todays Virtual Machine environments need serious people who can handle serious problems, and they need serious products, which is why customers continue to make us the #1 ISV in this space.

Our approach has always been different than others in this space. We knew early on that this wasn't a change to just how data would be protected, or how things were monitored, but rather there was a who sea change coming to the world of infrastructure management, and it will stretch from the end users, to the darkest corners of your data center that some people fear to tread. And this time around people wouldn't just need automation but they would demand it, and for that we need new ways to approach our infrastructure. We also never though of this change as being a all or nothing proposition. People will have computing needs that span physical, virtual and cloud enabled machines, and the Quest portfolio is there wherever you decide to put your computing payload.

I know as people surf the internet you are bound to find lots of web sites of companies that claim they are #1. I almost wonder if this isn't a result of school today who don't want to hand out grades, lest you let someone suffer being ranked where their achievements put them. You know the types right, lets give everyone a trophy because they participated. Lets make everyone feel good about themselves. In business though it really doesn't work that way though does it. If you claim you are #1, you should have something to back it up with, something other than your own press. As the LEADING platform independent vendor, it would be nice if the competition that fraudulently claims a #1 spot, would gain some honesty, but wishing rarely solves anything. So instead here at Quest Software we are focused on continued product leadership. We know that in many ways we are defining this market rather than just chasing like other vendors.

Great company's like Quest Software don't just happen. Great employees and great customers are what make Quest Software great, and lead us to being the #1 ISV in virtualization, and today I would like to thank both for your loyalty. Accolades like this don't satisfy us at Quest, instead they motivate us to do even more tomorrow. I am constantly humbled by the role we play in helping solve really complex problems for our customers, and how integral they have weaved us into their success. Our best was good enough for today, but we must be better tomorrow. We will continue to deliver the best products in the industry, we will continue to set the pace for others to benchmark against, and we will be ready for to help solve the toughest challenges our customers are facing, not with roadmaps, but with proven solutions that are ready to be put to the test every day of the week. If your system is critical than you need someone who is serious, you need Quest Software.