13 reasons to move to #SharePoint 2013! A new ebook by @CMcNulty2000

In life, there are a lot of things we wish were shorter:

  • Queues at the bureau of motor vehicles for drivers license renewal
  • State of the union addresses (I know, they're important speeches, but, c'mon, who loses interest 40 minutes in and only suffers through the rest because of a guilty civic conscious? me!)
  • Wait times for Disneyland's Haunted House
  • Wait times for Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Sermons (unless you're Presbyterian - because those people know how to keep it short and sweet)
  • Liquor store checkouts on New Years Eve
  • Fill in the blank: ___________________________


And of course tech articles! Especially those articles where we're just looking for a few key points on the value of a particular solution. Maybe we just need a few bullets to add to the case/presentation we're making to the upper management on why we need to invest in said solution.


So while Quest offers a plethora of in-depth and technical thought leadership around SharePoint migrations, customizations, management and governance, we also realize sometimes you just want to get to the point.


Therefore, we've taken the best portions of why SharePoint 2013 is so cool from Chris McNulty's (Quest CTO for WIndows management) very in-depth SharePoint 2013 Consultant's Handbook: A Practical Field Guide and condensed it for you into this short eBook entitled: 13 reasons to move to SharePoint 2013!


Download this SHORT, free and valuable eBook so you can easily make the case for why your organization should move to SharePoint 2013 today!