151 Days until Windows Server 2003 End of Support - saving more time with automated software identification

There's a big difference between "discovering software" and "identifying software" during the Discovery phase of a Windows Server 2003 migration project.

In the white paper "160 Days and Counting - Regaining Lost Time in Windows Server 2003 Migrations", I discussed (among other things) how automated software discovery could be used to save a substantial amount of time during a Server 2003 migration project.  A thorough and comprehensive roster of all the various software components, dependencies and so forth is a critical step in any server migration project, and automation tools are particularly adept at helping out there.

In this week's update of the white paper - now entitled "151 Days and Counting", I've expanded this discussion to include software identification.  It's one thing to "discover" that a hunk of software is installed on your server.  It's another thing to actually identify what it is.  Even for commercial off-the-shelf software, identification is time consuming - there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of different permutations of commercial software packages out there (versions, bundles, etc.).  

The latest version of the white paper - downloadable at https://www.quest.com/ discusses the value of using automation tools that feature "pattern recognition" databases to identify and categorize the software components on a server.


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 or... if you're tired of reading long-winded white papers and would rather just try the software out, download a free 30-day trial version of Dell ChangeBASE (https://www.quest.com/documents/)


Hollis Tibbetts, or @SoftwareHollis as he is known by his 100,000+ followers on Social Media, is by day Evangelist & Software Technology Director at Quest.

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