30 Stories Up Without a Net: Balancing Productivity and Security

Let’s face it, IT Directors or folks who serve in that capacity are constantly struggling to “walk the tightrope” between too much (or not enough) security and too little (or too much) access. On the one hand, the IT people are constantly being urged by the security team to turn up the security controls to “11” ensuring a very secure infrastructure. But the cost is that some (or many) users will not have ready access to the apps and information they need to do their jobs, which forces them into unnatural acts to accomplish that for which they get paid. On the other hand, IT can side with the users and turn down security to a “1.” While this creates a user community with access to everything (and more) that they need to do their jobs, it also leaves gaping security holes upsetting the security folks. Most often, there’s a compromise of setting security at a “6” or “7” and hoping that users don’t try to circumvent your security practices in the name of productivity. And for those of you who know me know I often say, “Hope is not a strategy.”

But what if there were another way.

What if the IT department could make both constituents happy? What if you could satisfy the needs of the security department which wants users to have strong passwords, multi-factor authentication and everything that goes with it, and *at the same time* give users the simple, easy access they want.

With the advent of new technologies, this once mythical scenario is now available. To learn more, download this white paper on context-aware security so you can survive your next tight-rope walk.