4 Key Tips to Consider When Migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint

You’ve made it through all the preliminary stages of your Lotus-Notes-to-SharePoint migration project, and you have plans for all of your dinosaur applications. By now, the actual migration step may seem more like a problem than a solution.

Migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint

Here are a few points to keep in mind as you begin migration of applications, data and users to the new platform:

  • Perform tests with content to see how your Notes document libraries migrate to SharePoint, then set expectations with application owners and users accordingly. The sooner they can see differences, the sooner they can modify their processes.
  • Migration tools save vast amounts of time, but they don’t take users back to the good old days. The apps on the target platform do not always look exactly as they did on the legacy platform. Notes and Microsoft are two different platforms — there is no such thing as a 100-percent, like-for-like solution.
  • If you’ve done all the hard work in the assessment and planning phases and have a good strategy for migrating your custom applications, your migration will be largely successful.
  • You still have to remain within the project scope and budget. Point people back to your deliverables from the Project Startup phase to remind them of the original scope of the migration project.

We’ve put together an eBook, “Overcoming the Top 8 Challenges during Notes to SharePoint Migrations,” about the most common challenges. On page 8 you’ll find compelling arguments for including third-party web parts, forms and workflow tools in your migration project.

Refreshed 27 April 2019 to keep the topic and content relevant. Published 15 June 2015.