4 Monday Morning Meltdowns

Today is Monday. That stinks, doesn’t it?

Mondays stink. Whether you’re a grump feline or an overworked systems administrator, it’s no fun dragging yourself back into your weekly routine after a relaxing weekend. Especially when your inbox, cellphone and voicemail are blowing up with fire drills. If you’ve got a case of the Mondays and need that nudge to get your morning headed in the right direction, check out these typical work fire drills that pay tribute to the most hated day of the week.

#JustAnotherMonday Fire Drill 

  1. Hello? It’s IT I’m lookin’ for. I just want to get my mail. Tell me how to just log in… I’ve authenticated about 20,000 times now.

  2. NO! Last week’s major mailbox cleanup deleted an email from Finance that I need for my presentation to management in an hour! 

  3. Can you hear me now? Why is my Skype for Business voice not working? I was about to close a major deal and Skype4B dropped my call!

  4. We are 10 hours post Office 365 migration. Why are there 452 help desk tickets already?

Are these grump faces and scenarios all too real for your Monday mornings?

If so, Quest can help with the Monday morning dread. Our solutions for Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365 and more help you simplify and automate all of your Microsoft management and migration tasks, keeping users productive and you in control.

And remember, only 4 more days until Friday!