5 Network Issues That Have a Significant Impact On Your Business

1. One of the main issues is application response time. More often than not, network is one of the main reasons for poor application response time. For example, take web application and if the response time is not acceptable, businesses may lose users as well as business.



2. Latency, Delay and Jitter are 3 other issues that affect a lot. For some applications like Voice and stock trading, latency can kill the application and/or business completely.



3. IT infrastructure needs a huge investment. So, it is very important to provision the network 'right'. It is not a simple task to 'rightly' provision your network infrastructure. Both over-provisioning and under-provisioning of Network has profound impact on the business.



4. Specific Networking expertise to configure your network and ITinfrastructure properly. Any small mistake in Network configuration can have significant negative impact. So, Network Configuration has to done correctly always.



5. A relatively new factor is Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Virtualization and cloud computing needs a new paradigm of planning and provisioning. Virtualization and Cloud Computing needs a different level of mindset and thinking to provision physical and virtual network resources.



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