5 Reasons #TEC2012 is Better Than the Rest #qsharepoint

There are many things that set Quest apart from your everyday, run-of-the-mill SharePoint ISVs – from our complete portfolio of SharePoint solutions including our Web Parts and Deployment Manager for SharePoint to our award-winning support – and now TEC – The Experts Conference.


Sure, TEC has tracks for things like Active Directory, Exchange and Virtualization, but undoubtedly the single most important track (to me anyway) is the SharePoint track. It’s complete with real, live, in the flesh SharePoint experts that you can talk to, and in some cases, touch (well, no you really can’t touch them).


“So, Bill, what’s new and different about TEC vs. last year or other SharePoint conferences?”


I’m glad you asked. Here’s the short and important list.


1) Chris McNulty – We’ve added Chris to the Quest SharePoint team and he’s created a terrific agenda with fresh new content and training material that goes deeper than the Pacific Ocean. In fact, much of the content will be brand new, cutting edge stuff that you can’t see anywhere else! And he’s lined up some of the top SharePoint people out there both from Microsoft and the community at large.

2) Answers – We strive to maintain a great ratio of delegates to speakers – like in the 15:1 range. If you think you can come to TEC and sit in a cavernous room with 276 of your closet friends and check email, you are mistaken. The rooms are small and the interaction is high. You’ll be able (and in some cases be called out) to ask your specific question such as, “Yeah, I know that’s how you think it works in your ‘ivory tower,’ but my environment is different and here’s how. How would you handle that, Mr. Smartypants?” And you’ll get answers.

3) Value – And all of that is available at a price that is very (and I mean) very competitive with other conferences.

4) San Diego. ‘Nuf said.

5) Ok, so if you have some weird, twisted desire to learn about Powershell, Active Directory or Exchange, you can. Even if you sign up for the SharePoint track, you can attend any of the numerous sessions in any of the technology tracks.


So, would you rather be a voyeur at a faceless, nameless conference or involved with the movers and shakers of the SharePoint world getting deep training and actionable answers to your everyday questions? You decide.