6 Brazen Security Breaches, Courtesy of IT

Recently PCMAG.com published an article about 6 Brazen Security Breaches, Courtesy of IT. After reading the article and realizing the millions of dollars that these breaches have cost companies and the severe punishment that comes to the attackers’, two questions come to mind. One, why on earth would you risk spending time in jail for revenge? I don’t think I’ll ever get an answer to that question, guess I’ll just have to chalk it up to human nature. Two, why after countless security breaches, widely publicized by the media with extreme consequences, haven’t organizations gotten the wakeup call and decided to do something about it? If any one of these organizations would have had a password vault solution they admins would have been locked out. And no access means no breach, which saves the headache, costs and humiliation to the IT department and the organization. Have you gotten the wakeup call? Are you ready to start doing something? You can start by reading the white paper: Controlling and Managing Super User Access.