7 Reasons to Love the Number 7... and Upgrade to the New Secure Copy 7.0. #datamigration

What makes the number 7 so attractive?


Top 10 lists aside, 7 seems to stand alone as the most preferred number in people's minds. Here are 7 reasons that may explain why, according to Psychology Today:


  1. 7 is magical - The religious and spiritual associations to the number 7 go back thousands of years, to the 7 Deadly Sins to seventh heaven to the 7 Wonders of the World, as well as numerous Biblical references.
  2. 7 is a good playoff number - You will never see a tie when it takes seven events to win a series.
  3. 7 occurs throughout nature - 7 seas, 7 continents, 7 colors in the rainbow, and even 7 days in a week.
  4. 7 sounds good - It's the only single-digit number that has two syllables.
  5. 7 is the size of a memory chunk - According to psychologist George Miller, our short-term memory remembers in units of 7, plus or minus 2.
  6. 7 is a neuron's favorite number - A 2008 study on neurons in the memory input unit of the brain, the hippocampus, showed that they (neurons) produced the best information when their dendrites (branches that receive stimulation) numbered 7.
  7. 7 is lucky - Slot machines offer three 7s as a big payout and rolling a 7 in craps wins! Perhaps the physiological and cultural reasons above explain why gambler's consider 7 so lucky.


Migrating data? Lucky for you, Secure Copy 7.0 launches today!


If you have a data migration, such as a file server consolidation or Windows Server 2012 upgrade, don't trust your data migration to chance! Luckily, Secure Copy makes your migration fast, easy and safe--with robust capabilities to plan, report on and ensure data integrity during the move. We're also the only solution that preserves inherited permissions to ensure security of your data AND restores broken home/printer paths and metadata/attributes.


And since we've beaten this whole 7 metaphor into the ground, why stop now? Here are 7 new features you'll get with Secure Copy 7.0:


  1. Test Job – Copies then deletes live data to target device to validate network performance and estimate data migration time.
  2. File System Statistics Analyzer – Enumerates the number of folders and files to migrate for project planning.
  3. Enhanced functionality for NAS/SAN devices – Improves handling of data and permissions when migrating to NetApp and Dell FluidFS devices.
  4. Filter Files By Specified Date – Filters files by defining a range of “days ago” when files were created, modified or last accessed.
  5. Enhanced security – Reduces security risks by copying system access control lists (SACLs) for auditing and removing orphaned SIDs from target server.
  6. Skipped file verification - Provides optional CRC32 checksum verification of skipped and copied files.
  7. Active Directory security mapping – Uses Migration Manager for Active Directory export file to map ACLs between source and target domains during an AD migration.


Learn more or download your free trial or upgrade to 7.0 today!