A better way to manage your apps in ChangeBASE v5

One of the areas I've always struggled with when viewing a large number of apps in ChangeBASE is how to manage them effectively. I've always been told that Views are designed to do exactly this sort of thing, but I've never got on that well them as you can only ever see one view at a time. I made a discovery recently that has made my life so much easier, so thought it was worth sharing:

You can create "sub items" in views. That in itself doesn't sound particularly exciting, but hopefully the screenshot below will show why this is so useful:

So the idea is that you create a base view by right-clicking on the Packages node, then clicking "Create View" (in my case I've called it Suites).

Next you right-click the Packages node, and click "Organise Views". Then you can right-click on Suites, and click "Add sub item". I called my first one Adobe Captivate.

And now you can add packages to your sub item with the "<" button.

And add another sub item under "Suites", etc.

When you click OK and return to the main ChangeBASE window you can now change to the "Suites" view from the drop-down menu, and view all the sub items side-by-side. Great!

Also you could use this for basic workflow management: