A New Direction

Since we formed the Quest Data Protection group, we have spoken to many, many customers. We have listened carefully. We have analyzed this customer feedback and built a roadmap that we believe will make Quest the #1 data protection solution provider. Ultimately, we believe a unified portfolio—consisting of assets from Quest, AppAssure, vRanger, and NetVault—is the path to success. And we are well on our way to executing on this vision.


Inevitably, we had to make some modifications to our roadmap. For example, we decided to expedite the integration between our backup software and Quest DR4100 deduplication appliance. NetVault and vRanger can now target the Quest DR4100, allowing customers to significantly reduce their backup storage footprint by taking advantage of the DR4100’s powerful deduplication and compression. We will continue to strengthen this integration. Another example is NetVault Backup’s support for Quest FluidFS, a clustered NAS file system available across the Compellent, EqualLogic, and PowerVault product lines.


We have also taken a fresh look at projects in the queue and have made the decision to pause development on some components of NetVault XA. Instead, we will leverage the significant work that has already been done and apply it to unify the Quest, AppAssure, NetVault, and vRanger product lines. For example, the APIs for NetVault and vRanger are now fully exposed. This will allow us to integrate the products, add functionality, and continue to enhance scalability. R&D resources that were previously dedicated to the development of NetVault XA will be reallocated to these efforts.


Moving forward at Quest, we have some of the best IP in the data protection industry and the right team to execute on our vision. We're all very excited about our plans going forward and confident that Quest Data Protection will continue to meet the needs of our customers now and into the future.