A New Version of vRanger -- Standard Edition 5 -- Coming Next Week at VMworld EMEA

Quest vRanger is back, and better than ever! Priced at $399/socket, vRanger Standard Edition (SE) includes all of the essential backup and recovery capabilities that SMB environments require. It includes patent-pending Active Block Mapping (ABM), Change Block Tracking (CBT), and instant file-level recovery (FLR) for Windows guests. These capabilities make vRanger the fastest image-based backup and recovery product on the market and available at the lowest price.

In short, vRanger SE is streamlined to be simple, fast and affordable!

vRanger SE complements vRanger Pro, which continues to be offered as our mid-tier/enterprise solution for larger environments. vRanger Pro 5 is also coming soon, adding even more robust capabilities required for larger environments. You will gain one-click catalog restore to speed and simplify recovery from larger backup repositories, Linux FLR, LAN-free support -- which will include backup and restore on fibre channel -- or FC -- networks, and converged backup and replication which will now be available in one product.

And when you add Exchange object-level restore (OLR) capabilities from Quest to either vRanger Standard or Pro editions, you have a compelling solution for flexible, fast protection -- no matter the size of your virtual environment.

Start where YOU need to start, to deploy virtual protection in your environment!


vRanger SE offers a lower entry-point for smaller environments with 10 CPUs or fewer, which need virtual backup and recovery which is simple, fast and affordable. Or, you can start with image replication with a purchase of vReplicator for simple, fast and affordable DR.

Deploy these products to work together -- or keep the flexibility to deploy them where YOU want them -- as you need.

Add vRanger SE and vReplicator in the same environment, and with the 5 edition base, you gain a single, converged product experience -- with one management console, one license key, one deployment process, and integrated job control. vRanger Pro 5 offers all of these capabilities in a single purchase, together with the scalability features required for environments above 10 CPUs.

Stay tuned on Tuesday next week, for all of the announcement details. Stop by our booth at VMworld EMEA, to see the new vRanger 5 product features for yourself.

Meantime, you can read more in the attached vRanger SE datasheet.