‘Tis the Season: A Virtualization Manager's Holiday Wish List

When most people think about making a holiday wish list they think of things like toys, home gadgets and jewelry. However, if you happen to be a virtualization manager you may have different items on your list; ones that include upgrading software and technologies. We listened to some virtualization managers and professionals and provided some actual words based on their feedback. Here is a list of some of the things they’re wishing for this holiday season:


Universal Decoder: Standardized VMware User Interfaces

“We now have vSphere as an app, which has nice features, and vSphere has a web interface, which has nice features. However, the problem is whoever developed the web interface didn’t even pay attention to what things are called and the web GUI is not complete. You either have to jump back and forth or just stick with the app. Along those same lines - VMware View. That web interface doesn’t look like anything else and is real quirky about how you use it, which direction you’re going –Somethings are hidden - or at least not obvious. And then there’s the smaller pieces in VMware, like vShield that doesn’t match any of the above. This is one of my biggest gripes.”


A Magic Wand: That Pinpoints Updated VMware KB Info

“There is a wealth of information but who knows if you’ll find what you need. I’ve given up on the KB - I just do a Google search to find KB articles. On top of that there doesn’t seem to be any continuity. For example, as Microsoft has upgraded their OS’s when you come to a KB page at Microsoft it will tell you up front if that does or does not apply to what OS you’re running. Now VM probably couldn’t be that integrated but it would be nice if it was clear, and it if it were clear when something is outdated as well.”


Modern Video: Inclusion of Later Video Standards in my VMware View.

“This one is pretty specific but I want the shared GPU (vSGA) feature in VMware View to include later video standards like Direct x10 and 11.”


Mobile Knowledge: A mobile app to access VMware KBs.

“This has come up a few times from experts in the field who would love to see an application that allows for all of the VMware KBs to be made available for download. In many situations (especially as a consultant), web access isn’t an option at all times.


“If we had all of those KBs on our phone or iPad, we may be more tempted to do things correctly. I’d love to see an application that has all of the VMware KB articles in one place as a download for offline access.”


Streamlined Support

“There has been many times when I call into VMware support and they provide me with a KB that shows a detailed view on how to resolve an issue. Then the Tech applies a script that completes the action with one-click instead of having to do each step individually, and they tell you that the script is only available in-house.”


The Gift of FT

“Four new ESX’s and a SAN solution so we can run FT instead of HA.”


Free VCP

“A gift card from my boss would be nice so that my company can cover my VMware class and I can finally get my VCP!”


Virtualization Operations Management Simplification

"The right tools in place to simplify mindless tasks and let me focus on the more fun aspects of my job"


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