Accelerate Data Preparation… and Impress Your Boss

How many data analytics tools are you using? Probably more than one. Industry research shows that data analysts often require up to a dozen tools to do their jobs.

     Photo Credit:  Jim Pennucci Licensed under CC BY 2.0


But here’s a surprising truth: All those products you rely on are slowing you down. Think about how much time it takes to switch from one to another and manually merge various results. And that’s not even including the learning curve every time you have to figure out a new platform-specific solution.

It all adds up, giving you less time to do the work you really enjoy – the kind of data analysis that makes you look like a rock star.

Less tools = more time

What if you didn’t have to waste so much time Alt-Tab-ing your way through various interfaces? What if you had a single solution that made it fast and easy to access data from ANY source? We’re talking all the native relational database drivers, plus 160 different data sources.

You’d get a ridiculous amount of time back, especially if you picked a single solution that writes your queries for you. Oh, yeah. That’s possible, too. Can you already envision how much better your workdays would be?

You could take breaks again, maybe stop by Starbucks, use your caffeine energy to knock out that big project you’ve been putting off and still get out of the office earlier than usual. And not just because you’re using a single tool to access all your data, but also because you’re using a single tool to work with all that data.

By switching to one platform-agnostic toolset, you’ll blaze through data integration, analytics, data provisioning, data cleansing and data profiling. In fact, many business analysts report that using one analytics solution instead of many cuts data preparation time by as much as 99 percent!

So if you’re ready to work smarter, not harder, consider minimizing your analyst toolkit. Look for a single solution that lets you do all your work within one simple-to-use interface. You won’t just make your job easier ― you’ll dramatically speed your analytics workflow. And that, my friend, is the ultimate way to impress your boss… with a lot less effort.

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