Accelerate your Windows Server migration with Quest & AppZero

Join our live webcast to discover how you can accelerate your Windows Server migration

Date: 22nd January 2015

Time: 16:00 BST / 11:00 EST

Presented by:

  • Ann Maya – General Manager, ChangeBASE
  • Chris Maher - Asset Manager & ChangeBASE Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Patrick Jaspers – Director AppZero
  • Troy Hummon – AppZero Senior Solutions Architect

Windows Server 2003 reaches end of support on July 14, 2015 and there is no safe haven. Both physical and virtual instances of Windows Server 2003 will be affected. It will be unsupported and subject to extended support fees. 

No doubt, application compatibility is one of your biggest migration concerns. Applications bring unique challenges -- source media is often missing and it is difficult to get visibility into what is installed and what is actually being used. Then, there’s concern over whether the applications will actually work on the new Windows Server environment.

Discover how to overcome these challenges with Quest and AppZero in our 60 minute live webinar where you can hear directly from the industry experts.

The webinar will help you to understand how you can: -

  • Cut your migration time and cost in half with Asset Manager, ChangeBASE and AppZero
  • Automatically discover which server applications you have installed
  • Overcome challenges such as missing source media and application dependencies
  • Easily generate software usage and metering reports
  • Accurately assess applications for compatibility on your target environment

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