Pokémon Go Away… At Least Away from My Active Directory Infrastructure

Co-written with Priscilla Tenggara.

Insider Threats

When it comes to Pokémon Go horror stories, we’ve heard it all - from trespassing, to injuries, to even robberies. It seems like the risk to users has no limit. Whether or not it’s intentional, users gaining access to sensitive areas poses serious threats and risks.

Pokémon Go players feel empowered to roam wherever the game leads them. Similarly, 73% of all privileged users believe that they are entitled to access all of the information they can view, and 60% of the time, accessing the confidential data is only out of curiosity. These accidental breaches are often caused by incidents attributed to errors by system administrators. Though these mishaps are rarely intentional, they are often costly- the average cost of a security breach is 4 million dollars!

How Pokémon Relates to Your Active Directory

With this in mind, securing on-premises Active Directory (AD) is the best way to reduce the risk of data breach and insider attack. Many IT organizations leave AD administration to team members with little security experience. But, even with a team well versed in security can fall prey to inadvertent and malicious AD disasters. Ensuring the viability of AD means having a security plan that includes recovery.

It’s important to protect your infrastructure – not just from malicious attacks, but also from ‘hopeless wanderers’ like our Pokémon Go players. They mean no harm, but we don’t want unknown people wandering into sensitive areas (homes, daycares, etc.) just like how we don’t want unauthorized personnel to be able to access sensitive information.

Unlike Pokémon Go users, there are ways to protect your employees from security threats and privacy solutions. Download our free white paper to learn more about how you can take action.