Active Directory is the Backbone of Your Organization

What percentage of today’s businesses agree that Active Directory (AD) is business critical to their organization?  You might be surprised to hear that the answer is 100%. And, of those businesses, 90% say that AD is the main source for all of their organization-wide authentication.

In a recent study completed by a third party, we confirmed that many organizations face challenges around AD but they lack the time and resources to address their top concerns, like:

  • Security and permissions
  • Compliance and audits
  • Disaster recovery
  • Reporting
  • Provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Managing routine user additions/moves/changes and downtime

Do these sound familiar? Native tools not cutting it?

As organizations address initiatives around evolving technology — like the cloud, workplace collaboration and other services and applications linked to AD — it becomes clear that a leaner AD infrastructure makes for a more secure and compliant environment. 

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