Active Directory Management - it's like managing your checkbook!

For those of us who have been managing a checking account for some time, we remember that balancing a checkbook manually (or more properly managing, becuase there is more to maintaining a good account than just balacing the account). Nowadays it's mostly done online (and I have to admit that is how I keep track of it now, too). As someone who's managed an Active Directory, I can tell you that it's a daily task (or more properly - all through the work day). It takes proper care and feeding. If you don't stay on top of it - keeping track of critical changes, knowing what's going on - so to speak, you get an uneasy feeling that something bad is just about to happen... and usually it does. As I think about managing a checking account (or how it used to be - with the ledger and writing down all the checks and amounts), you get that same feeling if you don't do the upkeep and maintain an accurate accounting... eventually something is going to go wrong.


So I guess what I am saying is that knowing about the changes in your environment, as well as the details around the change, such as who made the changes, what was changed (including the before and after values), when it was changed, etc., gives you a confident feeling that you're in control. You've got this - let someone come at me with questions of what happened, I have the answers. Without that control, I'm left feeling uneasy - waiting for the other shoe to drop and all chaos to be unleashed, general havoc ensuing.


So do yourself a favor: stay on top of Active Directory changes. Trying to play catch up after some catastrophe is always nerve wracking, and never leaves you looking like the competent professional you know you truly are!