Active Directory Recovery: Be More Prepared

In this paper, Active Directory Recovery: Be More Prepared, Windows expert Don Jones takes a close look at the specific capabilities and limitations of the AD Recycle Bin, including failure scenarios organizations need to be able to deal with: single object recovery, attribute recovery, GPO recovery and forest recovery. He also talks about the importance of selecting the right tools that help make recovery easy. In a recovery scenario, it’s high stress and there’s no time to look up syntax for complex command-line tools that enable recovery.


On the same topic, Don Jones recently moderated a fireside chat called Active Directory Disaster: Yes, It Can Happen To You. Several panelists including Keri Farrell, Quest Recovery Product Manager, Brian Hymer, Quest Solutions Architect, and Gary Olsen, Solutions Architect at HP, joined this session and shared their stories and best practices for AD protection and preparedness. Grab a cup of coffee and learn what this panel of technology experts had to say about the pros and cons of the AD Recycle Bin, and AD disaster case studies and how they were resolved.