ActiveRoles Server Upgrade Best Practices

This document helps you to plan for and perform an upgrade from ActiveRoles Server 6.1 or 6.5 to ActiveRoles Server 6.7 (Upgrading from a pre-6.1 version of ActiveRoles Server is not supported. To upgrade from a pre-6.1 version, you should first upgrade ActiveRoles Server to version 6.5). For instructions, see the following sections of the ActiveRoles Server 6.5 Quick Start Guide: Upgrading from an Earlier Version‖ and Upgrading the Administration Service‖. ActiveRoles Quick Start Guide provides instructions for preparing the environment and installing the ActiveRoles Server components.


This document explains:

1. How to plan and perform the upgrade process by means of pilot project, subject to the factors, described in Considerations

2. The steps of the upgrade process and details about the following upgrade scenarios:

    • Performing an upgrade when the configuration database is synchronized via replication
    • Performing an upgrade when a common configuration database is shared between several instances of the ActiveRoles Server Administration Service

3. How to upgrade custom solutions, home grown applications and Quest commercial solutions


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