Adding Dynamic Thresholding to the vOPS Analytics Toolbox

Specifically, dynamic thresholding makes use of these self-learning analytics to understand the “normal” range of VM resource usage in a virtual environment. Because every environment can be vastly different, these analytics observe consumption of resources over a period of time to understand usage. For example, if a VM displays high CPU utilization on the same day each week, these analytics “learn” that this is a usual occurrence and will consider this to be the baseline utilization, dynamically setting warning thresholds differently for this day. As a result, this VM would be considered to have a high CPU utilization performance issue only if the CPU utilization is vastly higher than usual for this specific day of the week. Through this method, “abnormal” behavior for resource usage is dynamically determined and false positives can be removed for behavior that is shown to be typical.

While dynamic thresholding based on self-learning analytics is valuable for analyzing virtual environments, multiple analytic types are required to detect all sorts of virtualization issues. Because dynamically set thresholds are specific to each VM’s observed resource usage, issues that exist while a baseline is being established will not be considered problematic. Additionally, many issues cannot be detected with dynamic thresholds, such as memory swapping, accelerated storage utilization and high disk latency as they require metric-specific static threshold alarms. Virtualization management systems which rely solely on dynamic thresholding will be unable to detect these and many other kinds of issues.

A breakdown of what analytics are necessary to detect which kinds of issues is presented below:


VM Issue Detection Analytics Comparison


In order to detect the many different kinds of VM performance issues that can occur in a virtual environment, VKernel’s approach is to pragmatically build and deploy many analytic methods to maximize the accurate analysis of virtual environments. To see if there are any performance issues currently existing in your environment, download a 60 day free trial of vOPS Server Enterprise.

To learn more, read the official vOPS Enterprise 6.6.2 Press Release.