Advanced repackaging in ChangeBASE

I was chatting with one of our senior, super-experienced packaging devs the other day (Carl Bennett) and he had a nice tip for situations where you want to repackage something more than a simple EXE installer in ChangeBASE. I thought it would be useful to share this here.

When ChangeBASE is repackaging a setup.exe installer into MSI the process running on the virtual machine which is looking for changes to the filesystem and registry ("filter driver") waits for the EXE installer to finish and then starts collecting the changes. If you need to configure the installed application, or make additional changes as part of the repackaging process then you should follow the process below:

1) Create a file in the same folder as your setup.exe called SETUP.CMD

2) Open in Notepad and add the line:


3) Drag and drop this new file onto ChangeBASE

4) Right-Click on its entry in ChangeBASE and choose Repackaging Configuration

5) Ensure that Support Files is set to "Other files in folder and subfolders"

6) Change the properties to match the name of your install

7) Click Import as normal

8) You will notice in the virtual machine there is a cmd prompt (as normal) but it is now waiting for you. Any changes made here will be captured.

9) In the command window type

cd "c:\program files\filemonitor\target"

10) Type the name of your setup.exe and press <Enter>

11) Now you can launch regedit from this cmd prompt and make changes there, or you can run the installed application, copy files, etc. So long as you launch things from this cmd prompt they will be captured by ChangeBASE

12) When you are finished, type Exit and ChangeBASE will finish the repackaging process capturing all the changes you made

Thanks Carl!