Advanced Techniques and Tools for Citrix Super Administrators [New White Paper]

Once you’re successfully monitoring performance in the 3 areas of the Citrix environment, user experience and physical infrastructure as I mentioned in my previous post, you can turn your attention to the next level: graduating from super admin to superhero.

To accomplish that, you need more than standard monitoring. You need advanced functions that will keep you out in front of any trouble in your XenDesktop/XenApp environment, so you can adjust CPU, memory, storage and network resources before performance problems arise. 


Image credit: Daren | Licensed under: CC BY 2.0


Advanced functions for performance monitoring

To perfect your performance monitoring, here are a few valuable functions:

  • Rules and alarms – You can keep going back to your desk and checking your tools to see when free storage drops below 3 percent of total capacity. But wouldn’t you rather have rules, thresholds and alarms that notify you, no matter where you are?
  • Scheduled reports – Half the fun of having your VDI under control lies in reporting on it to other people, like auditors and business managers. Look for ways to create, maintain and distribute your reports around the organization.
  • Drilldown – A flat overview of your Citrix deployment generates as many questions as it answers. Drilling into high-level indicators to discover hidden issues is your ticket to defusing performance problems early.
  • Aggregated information – How many controllers can you see from your administrator UI? The larger the environment, the more important (and useful) it is to have a view spanning all of it.
  • Capacity management and right-sizing – Superheroes don’t use any more resources than necessary. How will you track down waste and ensure that you always have sufficient physical resources for a good user experience now and in the future?
  • Change management – Things change and move suddenly in a virtual environment (even though nobody seems to change or move them). Gauging the impact of a change to your vSphere environment before you make it is a big part of getting onto your co-workers’ list of superheroes.
  • Showback and chargeback – Want to impress your co-workers in Finance? Show them how much resource utilization to allocate to specific groups and departments – who’s using the most memory, storage and CPU. You’re the one with the figures; it’s just a matter of sorting and summing them.

Becoming a Citrix Super Admin – New white paper

In our new white paper, “Becoming a Citrix Super Admin,” you’ll find the basics of Citrix VDI performance monitoring, plus an exploration into the advanced functions that will help you attain superhero-status. Read it for much more on the ins and outs of keeping your Citrix VDI running smoothly.