Aligning VMware Management Efforts to 2011 Organizational Priorities

Gartnerrecently identified the Top10 Business and Technology Priorities for CIO’s in 2011, and chief amongthese was the priority to improve technical infrastructure. Couple this with acustomer pain I hear commonly – that most of the vm admin’s time is spendtroubleshooting and solving issues in the environment – and it’s no wonder thatCIO’s will be looking for ways to make the virtual infrastructure moreefficient.

Aclear first step for an admin is to find performance bottlenecks, and not justproblem identification but also root cause identification. When donesuccessfully, this step allows the admin to diagnose and resolve issueseffectively – even proactively – and positively affect the performance anduptime of the environment. What a clever way to be in step with your CIO’s 2011priority!

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