Analysts Respond to vRanger Pro 4.5 Beta

I've been briefing analysts on the new features in vRanger Pro 4.5 DPP for about three weeks. Excitement in the release is really building now, as we are on the brink of GA. Some of the comments that we've had include the following:

"Custom Backup Groups is a hidden gem. Excellent tie-in with vCenter!"

"It's great to see this performance data. This is what we needed to see to know that vRanger is back on top!"

"Wow. The savings in terms of the smaller size of the backup image is just as important as the shorter backup and recovery times."

"ABM seems critical to better efficiency. Nice that it's been out there in vReplicator already."

"Glad to see you've added the VSS driver. That's necessary."

"AES-256 encryption is good to have. Nice addition."

"Your beta testing included over 250 organizations. Wow! That's a great level and should give your customers and partners a lot of confidence in the release."

"This appears to be the most significant release of vRanger Pro in some time. Well done!"

"There is much already in vRanger Pro which this release seems to solidify for your customers. Less well-known capabilities like vCenter integration, dynamic resource management, and archive management. Exciting to see the promise of Backup 2.0 delivered!"