Analytics Here, There, And Underwear

Perhaps some of you remember this successful advertising campaign of a bygone era: "The Maidenform Woman: You never know where she'll turn up." I was reminded of this while compiling the June issue of the Statistica e-newsletter.

Those of you in the know are surely raising your eyebrows by now. That's because Maidenform was promoting women's undergarments, not analytics solutions. Nonetheless, the shared concept of ubiquity is where I found the Statistica connection.

Specifically, I was prepping a lengthy list of events in EMEA and North America, everything from tradeshows and conferences to workshops and webcasts. But it was the EMEA events, both big and small, that struck me with their variety of non-analytic-sounding titles reflecting different industry verticals: HIMMS, Interop, Oil & Gas, Cloud World, IsisTech & Oxford AHSN eHealth. Of course, it helps to know what the acronyms stand for, but here's my point: Statistica's analytics solutions and data tech compatibility are applicable in just about every industry across the spectrum, so almost every business event out there is relevant.

That is why Quest is sponsoring these events and many more. It is important that we meet decision makers where they are and help them envision the suitability of our solutions, even at functions that—at first glance—might not seem to be practical venues for exposure. Our calendar of events is certainly in keeping with our current mission to embed analytics everywhere, empower more people, and innovate faster. And as we continue to increase our reach through such varied opportunities, Statistica becomes like the Maidenform Woman: you never know where we'll turn up!

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