Announcing MessageStats 7.2 with added DLP abilities!

In my previous blog post I described the new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature available in Exchange 2013. I am now pleased to announce that we have just released version 7.2 of MessageStats that not only allows data to be gathered from Exchange 2013 servers for reports that you could previously run against earlier versions of Exchange but that MessageStats Business Insights can now gather the DLP data written to the Exchange 2013 tracking logs for reporting and analysis purposes. This complements the native DLP reporting features that are available for Exchange Online in Office 365. Additional new features include the ability to run company-wide insights without needing explicit credentials, new value aggregation capabilities and an updated home page. Below are some screenshots and more information can be found on the MessageStats product page.


And more great news - We are thrilled to share that MessageStats Business Insights product has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award by the American Business Association. Click here to vote for MessageStats in the American Business Association’s People’s Choice Awards. VOTE NOW!!! Thanks in advance for your help.


Joel Blaiberg

Product Manager

MBI 7.2 Screenshots:



Home Page


DLP Trend View


DLP Distribution View


DLP Details View


Company-Wide Response Times