Announcing Migration Manager Reorg Wizard Beta

By Alex Kirillov
Hi everyone!
Right after we released the first version Migration Manager for SharePoint back in January 2008, we immediately started hearing from our customers, sales and consultants that they really need Migration Manager to support 07-07 content migration. Many mentioned that they want to reorganize oversized site collections by promoting portions of the site tree to become new site collections. Splitting overgrown content databases was also high on the wish list. And just moving SharePoint sites around was brought up over and over again.
It looked like even though Microsoft had thrown in a whole bunch of content migration features to the SharePoint 2007 release (STSADM Export/Import, Content Deployment, Content Migration API), it clearly wasn’t enough.
There was no way Quest could have missed that opportunity! J
Today we are announcing the launch of the Reorg Wizard for SharePoint 2007 Beta, which is an early preview of the feature of the coming release of Quest Migration Manager for SharePoint.
What is Reorg Wizard?
Reorg Wizard will extend Migration Manager with essential site reorganization and restructuring tools for SharePoint 2007 administrators allowing them to:
  • Move SharePoint sites within the SharePoint 2007 server farm
  • Promote parts of the site tree to a new site collection on the same or different web application
  • Optimize SharePoint database storage by moving site collections between content databases
  • Perform cascaded site deletes to finalize the site move or roll back a failed operation
This is not a final list of course. The development is under way and we’ll be adding new features in beta updates and eventually to the released version of Migration Manager based on your feedback.
Where do I get the beta bits?
The beta package is uploaded to the Quest SharePoint community site (this link is no longer available).
How can I provide feedback?

Please feel free to leave your comments here or post to the Forum if you have any questions or feedback.

When will it be released?
The Reorg Wizard functionality will be included in the 2.0 release of Migration Manager for SharePoint later in Q2, 2009.
What’s next?
We are considering multiple enhancements for the future versions of Reorg Wizard. Here are a few candidate features:
  • Scheduled migration – moving large sites may adversely affect response times for users
  • Cross-farm content deployment – support dev-test-production deployment scenarios
  • Remote operations
  • Content database split
  • Granular site content selection
Your feedback and comments will help us address the most needed ones first!